Unity and cohesion of Nigeria as a great nation – Our pride

A great nation – Our pride

That Nigeria is a great nation and indeed the giant of Africa is not just in words but indeed as the population of the inhabitants and the land mass indicates. And as much as it is argued that fact remains unchanged. Yes, true that the unity and cohesion of Nigeria has been attacked more than in any other regime, administration or time yet more than in any other period the call for attitudinal change / nation building and patriotism sounds loudest.

The national polity has been hijacked by the power cabal who has succeeded in dividing it along religious, tribal, ethnic and even class
elitist lines. And majority of the crowd being gullible continuously swallows whatever is handed to them by their supposed leaders hook, line and sinker. The unsavory state of the nation at this present time is the biggest reason why some propose and desire to opt out of the Nigerian dream – one united and great Nigeria. That over the years Nigeria had continuously been steered to the dark alleys and valleys by bad leadership was not noticed hence the insidious nature of vampires and scavengers in leadership garb went unnoticed.

Today, under this present administration those who suddenly feel they’ve had enough are throwing away everything patriotic and are possessed by the evil spirits of doom and annihilation and nothing can ever be good in their sight and reckoning. Some say the president and commander in chief of the federal republic of Nigeria GEN. Buhari is visionless and sluggish – but is Gen Buhari sluggish? Facts are that the president met a country in a state of economic phlebotomy, social anomie, moral putrescence and political erebusism. Was he supposed to have , against this very precarious background, begin to take precipitate steps bothering on the harum scarum just to satiate the dramatic proclivities of those who lightly cogitate that Nigeria is a political cinematography? You and I know the answer yet some out of selfish, nay, narcissistic reasons wants thing to be done in their own way so as to create the kind of history they want out of their myopic views regardless of how ignoble that may be.

Patriotism which is the chief cornerstone and foundation of every true state or nation is the one thing that has been dealt with and eventually destroyed in the people by that moral cancer called corruption which over the years held sway, swept across all horizons like a tidal wave and left any who didn’t succumb to its appeal as the sorry victims of a beastly system. If you cant beat them join them was quickly quoted to assuage any prick of conscience on why those who struggled to be noble eventually went prostrate before the alter of ego and self. As a result of the bastardization of the institutions of government and bad leadership stupendous poverty became the lot of many families as people were no longer taken care of except to be used. With the destruction of the family sector near chaos ruled the wider society, and what do you think? I’ve always said it that poverty is a beastly and viral moral cancer which insidiously eats deep into the mind, heart and soul of an otherwise well intentioned human creature and makes him envious and malignant and inclined to the use of vices to either survive or lash out in utter frustration or revolt against a sadly bad system.

This is a very dangerous bad circle which once started is very difficult to end. Various forms of crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping, extremisms like the numerous religious sects, militancy like the Movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta – MEND, Niger Delta Avengers etc. terrorism like the Boko Haram etc. are all children of a disastrous system that used and trampled on people and conceived doom. It will gradually give birth to anarchy, doom, destructions and total annihilations if drastic measures are not taken to address the issue/question.
Nigeria…… let’s suppose that Nigeria is eventually divided for example between the Hausas, Ibos and Yorubas, we are automatically made little and weak countries who’ll soon be consumed by ethnic and class sentiments which will leave the little that’ll be left for religious hell fires to roast. Internal rancour and wranglings will be our chiefest enemies before small countries who fear and revere us now but would’ve become very big and powerful in comparism to the little banana republics that we would’ve become will come in, invade us and conquer as much territories as they desire. These series or sequence of events will be a very fast one that in a matter of few months whatever is left of us will dream of, desire, yearn, and pray for another chance at a United Nigeria which would’ve been dealt with as many things would’ve been irreparably destroyed and vital things fallen apart in ways that various centres can no longer hold. This is what some in their very myopic views are demanding without knowing it. But God forbid. Break it! Divide it!!! Hmmmm!!! For these advocates of violent and dastardly retrogressive change which can automatically throw people back many decades with terrible losses the scale, magnitude and proportion of the outcome of their insidiously venomous suggestions far more, nay, beyond their wildest dreams, imaginations and comprehensions.very foolish myopic narcissism is always at the core of such stupid thinking.

The thoughts of many pessimists that Nigeria is going to turn out a failed state and presently do not have the interests of the people at heart is just one lie to hoodwink those who are already looking for excuses to vent their failures and frustrations on others. And this is so because people are beginning to live without hope as their belief in God is fading away. To live without God or not to include God in the equation of things is the greatest curse of the current age. For man – canal man – without God is a mental composition of hunger, strife, greed, lust, avarice, selfishness and other vices; virtue has no place at all , save as conveniently pious metaphor. Whatever makes one a good godly person makes that one also a good citizen. Now , imagine the nature of the man without God even before any provocation and then envisage what he can become in the face of provocation. The lack of true godliness and patriotism is at the very nucleus of the innumerable vices that threaten to tear down everything noble and valuable.

In God and patriotism there’s love and hope and if these ever exist anywhere then there’s bound to be understanding and tolerance with patient longsuffering. The corruption that’s become the bane of nobility and virtue has not spared the institutions of religion and this has turned out one of our greatest undoing. To wait for the right words to be spoken only at churches and mosques and other worship centres is not enough at all , for more than ever, the department of National Orientation has work to do as total and serious reorientation of the general populace will go a long way to disabuse those who are already confused or have been brainwashed and totally bamboozled by some criminal circles. Kill and do away with the factors of division and separation and Nigeria will be fast on her way to historic greatness as the United States of America. This should be our aspiration, our desire, and not retrogression and annihilation. Let us convert our negative energies and ingenuity and harness all positively to lift ourselves and our country to heights beyond our imagination. It’s possible and it’ll surely be great. This is our call so that the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain, to serve with heart and might one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity – for progress and prosperity.

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